Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sunday February 26, 2006
We have arrived in at the Clinic at Kusuri with a minor amount of confusion with tickets etc.( see comments on 1st entry) It was raining heavily in Kao so the airport was closed. We used the long route through Ternate to get to Kusuri.
So far we have had 2 sessions with 30 students and they appear to be absorbing the hygiene training. The students are a mix of Well drillers and Health workers. It is a great combination. The interactive teaching method is very fun and holds the attention even in the afternoon heat. Robin and Galen are great to work with and we have all kept busy with preparing our lessons.
We made a visit to Duma, the site of a massacre of about 200 people in the Jihad 5 years ago. One of the survivors told his story of defending the church and then escaping... a terrifying experience to be sure.
There is so much work to do here... and so much poverty. Keep praying for us.


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