Thursday, March 23, 2006

Running by the light of Venus:

Every morning at 5:20 am the generator at the clinic base in Kusuri starts up and I take the wake up call to go for a little jog. The crescent moon has been like a headlight until this week when it shifted to the new moon phase and every thing went black. Now jogs are accomplished with an LED pinch light and Venus which is nearly as bright.

The pinchlight shines on a five foot snake that has just encountered the tire of a motor cycle . It was still moving so I stretched it out on the side of the road with the thought that it might recover....somehow life in whatever form is sacred and should never pass by accident.

The same thought came regarding the five inch locust laying on the side of the road. It's brilliant green body and wings were in striking contrast to the blackeness of the morning.

At 6 am the sun rises abruptly and life revels in the cool of dawn. Voices call out 'selamat pagi', the neighborhood albino man gives a nod in the passing and the day begins.


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