Sunday, March 05, 2006

The hygiene training and filter training is over! It has been a great success and now we have begun bringing the course into the villages.
The training was given in 5 days. Biosand filter training was taught in the morning and Hygiene in the afternoon for three hours. The combined Hygiene/filter training seems to have worked very well. 26 students completed the Hygiene, while 14 of them completed the filter construction training.
Some things that worked well...
1. The most rewarding and revealing part of this experience is has been to watch the teams of students go teach it. We have visited 6 different villages with a 3 hour presentation given by our students in a sort of practicum experience. That provides some excellent understanding to us as teachers of how the teaching has sunk in.
2. Divine good fortune provided us with the very best of health workers from the YBI Clinic base here in Tobelo. As it happened the clinic has been shut down due to lack of a Doctor overseer... so all the health workers were available to do the training. Usually they are very busy. We also had all the bore team go through the training.
3. Narratives and stories were a big hit. Clean Hands - Clean heart was used in exceptional ways...with great effect. The diarrhea doll was used often.
Some critical comments:
1. Going to the village and watching the results of training brought out the 'omissions' that we as teachers should work on. We will have debriefing sessions with them to add information and correct misunderstandings. Errors are telegraphed down the teaching line.
2. 5 half-days is not enough time to do proper hygiene training. We cut some of the material short.
3. None of our material was translated. Items that should be translated are 'clean hands-clean heart' and all the stories. Technical information must be translated because it gets very difficult to teach it without a reference book for students to refer back to.
4. The right jug for 'tippy-tap' hand washing project was hard to find in the village. An alternative should be invented.
5. The long term assessment and decision making were not addressed by the students in the practicum because there was not enough time. Community Mapping should be incorporated as a means to bring about planning and long term change in a village.


Blogger k johnson said...

Good job! I am so glad to hear that your students were eager to learn the hygiene lessons. I wish I chould have been there with you to help teach! I am looking forward to teaching another session either here in Fairbanks or in the mission field.

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